Month: August 2014

11 Rings by Phil Jackson

For anyone that loves basketball or sports, this is a great book on getting teams to gel or unite. Phil Jackson was the head coach for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, and won 11 championships. This books walks you through his life as a coach and a parent. His methodology is a bit different but his insight on individual motivators is remarkable.

If you deal with anyone that has a large ego or is difficult to work with, read this book. It will give you great ideas to understand what you really need to do to get people to come together – to have to get inside their heads.


10% Happier by Dan Harris

I stumbled upon this book thru an article. I had no idea who Dan Harris was so I looked into and found out his background. He’s a TV reporter for ABC News and this is his story of how meditation changed his outlook on life.

Some people are scared off by meditation, but this book gives a very real – no bs – insight into it. Harris’ candor is great and I love his occasional use of “bad” words. It’s gone on to a be a bestseller and I think many people can relate to Harris’ story.

10 Percent Happier final cover

The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal Ph. D.

Willpower – a topic that I have always been curious about but didn’t know how to attack it. A colleague of mine from Japan recommended this to me and it’s a insightful book. McGonigal really makes you think about the decisions that you make and why you make them. There were multiple points in the book where I stopped and said to myself “this is me” or “I’ve been doing this same thing for 10 years – now I understand why!”.

I have shared this our team and they have really enjoyed it. I will probably re-read this book as time goes on – it has a lot of good advice.