To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink

In college, I was always intimidated by the word “sell”. I thought it meant you had to be a super aggressive, borderline annoying type of person. I think that type of stigma keeps a lot of people away from sales. This book turns that stigma on its head. Daniel Pink explains that we are all in sales – marketing, operations, IT, etc. When you stop to think about, it’s a very valid point.

To Sell is Human talks about the different types of selling and which ones are the most impactful – the ambiverts. Ambiverts are in the middle of introverts and extroverts. It’s the fine line of knowing when you to be quiet and when to talk. Pink goes on to explain his selling approach – Attunement, Buoyance, and Clarity and then breaks it down into asking better questions, improving your pitch, and the value of improv or listening.

Overall, this is a very good read with great, practical advice written in an easy to understand way. It makes me excited to read Pink’s other books.


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