Month: June 2015

A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

I confess, Daniel Pink is one of my favorite authors and I love his book “To Sell is Human”. With “A Whole New Mind” Pink discusses how right-side brain people will be the leaders of tomorrow. The right hemisphere of the brain synthesizes the big picture, while the left hemisphere analyzes the details.

Pink asks three questions:
1. Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2. Can a computer do it faster?
3. Am I offering something that satisfies the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age?

This book is thought-provoking and gives great exercises on how to be a better right-side thinker. I think Pink is on to something here. The future will be about seeing things as a whole and being able to connect with people. I see that in my role with Asia – while we might be thousands of miles apart – the world is getting smaller and understanding cultural differences is now a pre-requisite for success.