Finding the Space to Lead by Janice Marturano

This book was recommended to my by one of my colleagues, Ms. Nicky James. Kudos to Nicky, because this book really changed the way I communicate and lead. It has given me great perspective on stepping back and seeing things in a different light. The author, Janice Marturano, is a former VP at General Mills and became interested in mindful leadership as a way to overcome the daily distractions that come with work. ┬áJanice’s recommendation is do one thing at a time: when you are checking email, check email: when you are in a meeting, really BE in the meeting, when you are talking with you children, really communicate with your children. Don’t try to check email while in a meeting when you are thinking about the conversation with your children from last night. Doing so many things at once results in all those things never being fully completed.

One side note, Janice does recommend meditating daily. Please do not let this distract you from this book. Even if you have never meditated or don’t intend to meditate, this book still has a wealth of knowledge. I’ve handed this book out to our Australia team and they love it. Especially the parts on “Reduce the Noise, Capture the Signal” and “Purposeful Pause.” I find myself re-reading chapters of this book weekly. I hope you enjoy it too.



Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This book changed the way I think of my days. It caused me to re-evaluate what is essential in my life. If you feel like your day is constantly go-go-go, then you will enjoy this book. It’s great common sense that is easy to apply in your day to day life. Greg McKeown breaks the book into 4 parts: Essence, Explore, Eliminate, and Execute. My favorite is in Eliminate and discusses the power of a graceful “no.” It’s a lesson that I’m incorporating as I am learning ┬ánot to overextend myself . In today’s world, it’s so easy to say “yes” to everything. No wonder most of us feel overwhelmed, unproductive, etc. Learning to say “no” creates more space and allows for more focus on the purpose.

Friendly warning: my colleague, Shelby, says she read this book in 2 days – she enjoyed it that much. Enjoy!



Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud

I wish I had read this book when I was in high school or college. It is a great compilation of the ways you should handle yourself. Its meant for business – but I think it’s also great advice for your personal life. Dr. Cloud has 6 criteria for having integrity – establishing trust, oriented toward truth, getting results, embracing the negative, oriented toward increase and transcendence. Through great every day examples, Dr. Cloud shows the true meaning of integrity.